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12 Musings for the New Year

As the holidays approached with a beautiful full moon I decided to wade slowly into blogging once again but started with a 12 days of Christmas posting to my Facebook Page.  Many people have enjoyed my 12 posts which began December 25th and Ended with a reflection on Epiphany January 6th so I hope this year you feel love, have good health and know true joy!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Epiphany I had to reflect on Hope, Light, and Optimism, after all that is what the holidays are all about. As we move forward into 2016 I want to be more optimistic about the future and to spread hope and light. So what is the simplest way of doing that? Be nice, be gentle, care about others more than myself, share a smile, share a kindness, be generous with positivity. Oh and the big one, be kinder to myself (you know those internal messages, let’s make those more positive and hopeful as well.)

On the 11th day of Christmas I was reflecting on food, nourishment and health. With all the wonderful sugary treats people have given me, I am enjoying the taste of the sugar but realizing it is not filling nor nourishing. So I will have to eat my sweets slowly and nourish my body with whole foods so I can think clearly, be happy and play well. Wishing you a year filled with good food, good friends and good health.

On the tenth day of Christmas I was thinking about the music all around us. I love listening to Christmas music through to Epiphany. Music is such a wonderful outlet for emotions from joyous to sorrowful and everything in between. I believe that every type of music speaks to someone, may you embrace all music this year and learn from every note.

On the ninth day of Christmas I am glad for all who have found employment, those who have growing businesses; those who are happy when they work. May you all find joyful work this year!

On the eighth day of Christmas I pray for all the young people who are struggling to find their way in the world. May they all find a safe place to belong and be loved.

On the seventh day of Christmas we celebrate endings and new beginnings. May you cherish the moments which bring you joy.

On the sixth day of Christmas I am reflecting on all those who have feelings they don’t quite know how to handle. Feelings need to be felt. Hoping everyone can find a healthy way to feel and deal with their feelings. I pray you feel happiness as we end 2015 and begin 2016.

Celebrating the fourth day of Christmas has me laughing. May you experience the joy of laughter; laughing with old friends and new; laughing at silly things. What a wonderful feeling. Hoping you laugh until your eyes leak!

On the third day of Christmas I remember all those who are hurting and I pray for healing and wisdom. May they all find the best health care provider they can for their situation.

On the second day of Christmas I pray that you are all able to find moments of peace and that peace becomes contagious around the world.

Happy first day of Christmas the full moon looks amazing above our house. May the wonder of the universe peak your imagination. (This is a picture of the moon over Healing Baskets.

Christmas Moon 2015

One Day At A Time

It’s a familiar saying.  But until today I’d kind of felt it was ‘owned’ by our friends in AA. 

How wrong I was.   Because when we are going through any difficulty, it’s  mostly ‘getting through it’, not , ‘getting over it’.  And in the struggle, the ‘one days’ turn into ‘one weeks’, and ‘one months’ and so on.  Then the other trueism ‘time is a healer’ kicks in, although it may take many years to come to peace and resolution.

Yesterday I saw the true meaning of ‘one day at a time’.  I was working the front desk of our incredible local hospice, when I noticed a lady walking slowly with a frame.  A couple of visiting kids were being a little boisterous and I hung back in the corridor to ‘watch her back’ and keep them away if they headed off in her faltering direction. 

We have many visitors and some are very old so I really wasn’t sure if she was a patient or a visitor.  I slowly caught up to her and said hi.   This lead to a wonderful conversation about the men’s open finals that had aired the night before and sport in general.   I immediately was drawn to this intelligent and humorous woman eager for some conversation.  She introduced herself and told me a little of her story.  A week ago she had been very sick and told there was nothing anyone could do.  Following a simple procedure, something unexpected happened.  She felt good.  Stronger, and for the first time in months hungry.  “I don’t know what is going on with me.  But I’m taking it one day at a time”.    She also felt that being relieved of the daily worries of running a house, and comforting everyone else about her diagnosis a weight had been lifted allowing her body to start something unexpected.  Whether is it ‘time’ or ‘a miracle’ she was grateful for every single day. 

So it hit me.  Here was a woman so grateful for the simple feelings of hunger and strength.  Things that I take for granted all the time.  Hunger to me is an aggravation.  I’m overweight, love food, and never want to feel hungry again.   I suddenly realised that even ‘hunger’ is an incredible gift.  It’s a marker of good health.  Of your body working exactly the way it should.   And strength.  I’m a strong woman and think nothing of grabbing the other side of a fridge of washing machine to move it (although the trash compactor did a number on my back this week).   I have always taken my strength for granted.  It has been useful, but not appreciated.

She’s in my prayers.  I’m praying for her continued good health.  This wonderful 64 year old woman, who told me  ‘this place is like a bloody spa! is living every day.   We have a date for next Tuesday.    While she is grateful for every day of  feeling better physically and mentally, I’m counting the days until I can see this inspirational woman again. 

And I’m thanking her for teaching me not to fear ‘hunger’ and take ‘strength’ for granted.   To celebrate these two incredible gifts I have been given.