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A week to forget!

When you do $3k of damage to your car just by rolling into a truck which decided to jam it’s brakes on outside Starbucks.  When your dog consumes a weeks worth of your thyroid meds and needs a day at the vet being pumped with charcoal and comes out with poodle legs due to the IV (no offence poodle lovers).   When you give your friend a ride and for some unknown reason the door smashes her schnozzle and she spends breakfast bleeding into her omlette, and when you finish the week off with a parking ticket which happened when you ran into a store to get change, you know this is one of those weeks from hell.   It got to the point, that I thought it would be safer if I stayed home and under the covers.   At least my husband was away on business so he would be safe from whatever bad karma I was carrying around. But it made me wonder what I was doing to attract such bad luck. Dont’ we always feel better if we find out there is a ‘reason’? Thank goodness my friend pressed into my unlucky little hands a card telling me that last week was Mercury Retrograde. Apparently it raises havoc with communicatoins, machinery, and all forms of decision-making. Luckily I didn’t make any major decisions, or sign any important contracts.   I was a week to ‘plan’ and not to ‘act’.  I’ll take it!  I’m so happy to have something to hang my hat on. If anyone feels like me and wants to forget last week – then mark your calenders 8/20 – 9/12 and 12/10 – 12/30. These are other bad weeks that we can blame on Mercury rather than our careless selves!   At Healing Baskets we have a ‘when life gives you lemons’ basket, maybe I should design a Mercury Retrograde Basket?  Anyway, thanks Mercury for being my scapegoat.  Last week?  What last week?

Cheese – PERLEASE!

Cheese – PELEASE!

 Did I ever tell you that Cheese is the reason I started Healing Baskets?

I still remember the day when searching for a special sympathy gift I was encouraged to send a basket of cheese.  Someone somewhere thought that a basket full of cheddar and crackers would be just what was needed to comfort someone in their darkest hour…..

Cheese – perlease! 

It spurred me on to create baskets that would actually bring comfort.  Baskets that were for women who had lost mothers, for sons who had lost fathers, for children who had lost grandparents.  For people who had lost spouses.  For parents who had lost children.  For people who had lost loved ones unexpectedly.  For people who have lost beloved animals.  Baskets themed around my favorite comforting poems.  Gifts sourced from a place of wanting that special gift that I was never able to find. 

We don’t’ sell tear collectors because we don’t believe the amount of tears you shed indicates how much someone was loved.   We do sell gifts that offer comfort and are lasting.    We feel like we are reaching out and grasping your hand with every order we ship.

Thanks cheese for putting me on this path!   You are responsible for Healing Baskets brightening lives one friend at a time.

It’s in the Quiet Times…..

Tuesdays is my volunteer day.  I have been working at my local hospice for several months now.  Being someone who likes to ‘get things done’ and do as many things I can at the same time – I sometimes wonder if my time could be better spent.  I sit in our beautiful hospice facility from 9am – 12.00 and greet people visiting their loved ones who are in their last stages of life.  I share the front desk with big hearted ‘Hubert’.

It seems ‘slow’ compared to my fast moving life.  Four kids, running a company and being actively involved with my church and the school district.  No phones ringing, no packages arriving, no deadlines being missed…..  But I have to remind myself – sometimes it’s in the ‘quiet’ that you can make the greatest difference.  I may only greet 10 people during my volunteer time.  But that is touching 10 lives when they are absolutely at their most vulnerable.

I’ve been in their shoes, which is why I’m sitting at that desk.  And a simple smile, kind greeting, and escorting first time visitors to their loved ones room is probably good use of my time.  Sometimes I rearrange flowers.  Sometimes I handle the mail.  It’s like meditation.  I have to stop myself from thinking of the zillion things I could be doing.  I have to be happy in the here and now and remember always, it’s not quantity it’s quality.  Take a day to slooooooow down.  To hear, to see, to taste.  Because the best inner growth is really in the quiet times…..

To love and friendship,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

Military Hugs From Home Basket

It’s my job to pour my heart into every basket we create, here at Healing Baskets – even as the CEO of the company! Of all the baskets I’ve had the privilege to create, however, the Military Hugs From Home Basket is definitely one of my favorites.  Every loving piece of it – from the Home Baseball and Parlor Football games (which come in cute vintage tins with all the pieces, instructions and history of the game) – made in the USA, of course – to our signature finish, the Angel Blessing Charm (to remind your loved one of the friend who sent them the basket).  Every item in this basket says home. 

Home.  Home can be really far away for these brave men and women. But the bottom line, and what this basket really translates, is that HOME is where the HEART is. It is the love of a mom or a dad. It is the hug of a child. It is the thoughtfulness of a stranger who simply wants to say thank you. HOME is with each of them, right at that moment. And having a small role in carrying a tiny piece of home to a serviceman or woman far away, well that’s something that I cherish. 

To love and friendship and home,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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PSS:  We’re also offering complimentary gift wrap to all military customers and their families.  When you check out, choose a container (which is usually around $20.00 including labor) and we will do that free of charge. Just enter FREEDOM in the comments section, and we will credit your card for the $20 within 24 hours.

The Thank You Note is Alive and Well – A 1-2-3 How-To from Healing Baskets

A Perfect New Customer Gift: The Namaste Basket
A Perfect New Customer Gift: The Namaste Basket

New clients and customers are the life blood of any business. We work hard at having a great business and providing wonderful products and services. And then we have to work just as hard at making sure people know we are here. So what are we to do when we get a new client or customer?  Or we lose an old valued client and customer?   

We work closely with all sorts of organizations.  From realty companies who want to thank customers for buying their house from them, to assisted living facilities where families have put their loved ones in the care of others.  Eventually one sad day their elderly relative will pass.  And what an opportunity to say thank you.  Thank you for letting our organization be the one that you trusted to care for your precious loved one.

The thought of saying thank you often results in an over thinking of the words.  You don’t have to write some profound piece of literature.  It’s not going to be framed (unless it’s REALLY good) it’s simply a personal note, and recognition of a service.  So we encouage…

1. Keep It Simple – The first rule of thank you is simple.  Express your sentiment clearly and make it personal.   

2. The Written Word is still King – Occasionally, be sure to take the time to WRITE a thank you – whether that be by mail or even by email. Nothing’s nicer than opening up the mail box (or starting one’s day in the inbox) by finding a beautiful thank you note. 

3. Yes, a Gift Basket Speaks Volumes – Yes, a thoughtful gift basket means a lot.  That’s not because I own a gift basket company – it’s because I design and MAKE gift baskets every day. I spend time on the phone with business owners listening to them carefully choose what might please THEIR clients. Knowing that a certain client likes poetry and building a basket around that theme – or learning that a client is ill and creating a basket that says, “I’m here for you, and that means more than just your business.” THOSE messages speak volumes.    No two people are the same and we try to accommodate that.

Of course I do think everyone should choose to use MY business – because we’ve worked very hard to make Healing Baskets a different experience from start to finish. One that embraces the people at both ends. However, whether you use Healing Baskets, or you hand write a card and drop it in the mail, remember rule number one. Don’t FORGET. Please and Thank You are the benchmarks of a solid operation.  Just like being a benchmark of solid parenting – remember when we were drilled?  In this hectic world it’s easy to forget the personal touches.  But the personal touches and what people enjoy.  Because people ARE our business.  They are what makes us stand out from the rest.

With my thanks and gratitude that you are reading my blog!

Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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A Cause to Celebrate by, Healing Baskets

HUGE BearYes, it might sound strange at first that a company called Healing Baskets would write about “A Cause to Celebrate.” After all, we hear a lot of very sad stories every day, as we create amazing gift baskets to support people through some of the most difficult events in their lives. (Like a line of products to support kids going through divorce, for instance Mom and Dad Divorce

Along with the difficult stories, however, we hear many, many stories of strength and joy. Why? Because life can often take on a deeper meaning when we’re faced with illness, or becoming someone’s caregiver – or watching our friends go through these challenges. Everyday life becomes a cause to celebrate: Thank you for caring is a celebration, having a pain free day is a celebration,  remembering a loved ones life and achievements can even be a celebration. 

I’m so lucky because all of those feelings and events – get to be translated by me, through Healing Baskets, every single day. I get to design and make specific gifts not available anywhere else that express what often our words cannot say. 

We watch the news and begin to believe we live in a bad world.  But I get to see that the cause to celebrate, when someone goes through the really hard times in life, is a world full of love and friendships around them. 

To love and friendship,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of  Healing Baskets, Inc.

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Thoughts on Sympathy Gifts from Healing Baskets

It’s hard to know what to do when someone’s grieving. No matter how universal the feelings of loss may be, we know that we can never really know how someone is feeling. I think that’s why cards and gifts around death became known as “sympathy gifts”. While we can never completely know what someone’s feeling, our hearts ache for their loss when someone dies.  We know that, on some level, nothing will ever be the same for them. It’s like the thread to someone has been cut, and it’s just flying in the wind, not tied to anyone or anything any more. Sympathy gifts and sympathy baskets are tokens of love. They remind us that our threads are still tied to one another. That we’re not single threads leading from one person to another person, but instead, we’re a blanket built over a lifetime, with golden threads that weave in and out, through friends and relatives and loves and memories. 

Sympathy means so much more than, “I’m sorry.”  It means we’re connected, because once you have lost a loved one things are never truly the same and we now share that unspoken bond.   THAT is something uniquely beautiful and deeply, humanly personal. 

At Healing Baskets, we’re very blessed to carry that sympathy message any time you need to send it to a friend, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, a miscarriage, or whenever you need to say, I’m still here, and you’re still tied to me.  Our Sympathy gifts and sympathy baskets can be customized to share any message that feels appropriate to you.

To your peace and joy, Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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A Basket of Love from Healing Baskets for a Friend with Depression

Depression Basket Circle of FriendsDepression has many faces and a million disguises. It can be obvious to friends and family, or it can hide, silently beneath the surface. What are we to do when a friend seems to be struggling with more than a case of the blues or dealing with post-partum depression after the birth of a child? Well, there’s only one thing NOT to do, and that’s nothing. Why is that important to mention? Because in our fear of offending someone, or dread of crossing some invisible line of appropriate behavior, it’s easy to stand back and watch as a friend or loved one can fade before our very eyes.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 14.8 million American adults will suffer a depressive illness this year. Multiply that by friends and family and there’s probably not one of us who isn’t personally touched by the sorrow, worry and fear of watching someone we love struggle to find their pathway back to a full life. So what are we to do? First, absolutely start a dialogue. Depression isn’t a mystery any longer, and the stigma is rapidly disappearing. Talking to our loved one and recommending professional help is probably the BEST contribution we can make.

Next? Well, that’s where it gets really tricky. How do we support someone if we’re completely lost for the right words? Thankfully, we don’t have to invent a new language to say, “I care about you.” A warm card sent every week or two, or a beautiful healing basket specifically created to support someone with depression or struggling with post-partum depression can speak volumes.

In fact, each item in the Circle of Friends Basket reminds the receiver that their literally in the loving embrace of the friend who sent it. And that is a very strong remedy any day of the week. 

To your peace and joy, Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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Giving Care to The Caregiver, by Healing Baskets

I think we all know that something very special is going on when someone describes themselves as a caregiver. I always try to pay just a little more attention once that phrase is spoken. You see “caregiver” is almost always attached to really tough situations in life – either the illness of a friend or close relative, or sometimes just helping someone who’s hit advanced aging. (When we’re more likely to become confused, miss medication, or can’t drive ourselves anymore.)

Caregivers do something magical. They hold space for another person to remain dignified through great hardship. And as we all know, that is not easy. Way too often, caregivers do this without asking for enough support themselves.

So what do we do in that case? How do we support that person that’s taken on the toughest job around? Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call or an email.  But there are those days that you look in the person’s eyes, and you know it’s just too heavy. 

That’s part of why my company, Healing Baskets, is so important to me.  Every single day, I get to participate in bringing sunshine and joy to all kinds of tough situations and to provide special Caregiver Gifts and Caregiver Baskets to recognize those every-day heroes.  Through Healing Baskets I get to carry the messages of love and support to those who DO the supporting.  I get to create that little something extra in a Caregiver Basket that gives a boost to the one who’s got the whole world on his or her shoulders.  And that, my friends, is an amazing thing to be part of.  

To your peace and joy, Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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Valentines Day and Divorce – Another Message of Healing from Healing Baskets

What do we say when friends go through the really tough issues – like breakups and divorce?  Get well soon?  Congratulations?  This is definitely one of those times that everything feels inadequate. 

Through Healing Baskets, however, each item in the Life After Divorce Basket becomes part of the larger conversation that one friend would like to say to another – and it’s one way we know for sure what we want to communicate isn’t tied up in our inability to find the right words.

This is especially poignant right now, with Valentines Day (and Valentines Day Gifts) looming like a black hole for some friends, the Life After Divorce Basket is an amazing gesture of love. Included is the “Life After Divorce Book” – an affirming book that shows how the trauma of divorce can give way to growth and the promise of a new life – perhaps a better life; an upbeat Goddess Mug; soft as a cloud Socks; a beautiful Rose Bath Soak to transform your tub into a spa of softening waters and nourishing sea salts; all topped off with five beautiful pocket charms with words of encouragement for when they’re needed them most.

Because this is definitely one time in life (and one holiday) where a little extra TLC can go a very long way! 

To your peace and joy, Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.

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