Month: April 2010

Unique Mothers’ Day Gifts – The Mobius Mothers’ Day Bracelet

Bracelets have been used for thousands of years. At their origins, they represented ties between family members and households, similar to the way different tartans identified clans in Scotland. As time passed, bracelets became more and more decorative, embracing ornamental artistry and wealth.

At Healing Baskets, we have added a line of Mobius bracelets that embrace both of these ideas – the connection between loved ones and a unique artistry.   Mobius bracelets are designed so a beautiful prayer or quotation flows all around the bracelet, inside and out, without end. As one of our unique Mothers’ Day gifts, Healing Baskets is featuring a stunning sterling silver Mobius bracelet that embraces the heart of moms and children. The Mothers’ Day Bracelet is inscribed with the comforting, beautiful inscription, “A mother holds her children’s hands for a short while but their hearts forever.”

Like all of our Mobius bracelets, the unique properties of this design make the thought seem infinite, as it wraps under and over the beautiful silver bangle. Another Mobius bracelet perfect for a unique Mothers’ Day gift is our beautiful “Mother in 32 Languages” piece. In any language, Mom still spells love.

We have carefully chosen these bracelets because they beautifully support moms AND women who have lost their mom. The eternal, unending message that flows in and out of the Mobius bracelet is an unspoken tie from a daughter to mother, even if her mom has passed away. At Healing Baskets, we’re grateful to have built a great reputation as the uncommon gift company. Our unique gift baskets cover a wide range of occasions – from joyous events, like Mothers’ Day and Graduation – to some of life’s most difficult occasions, like becoming the care provider for a family member, or going through chemotherapy. At Healing Baskets, we take the time to individually, carefully choose each item that goes into our unique gift baskets and every gift item that our company offers. Our Mothers’ Day Bracelet is one more example of the TLC that goes into every single day at

To order any of the unique Mothers’ Day gifts or gift baskets, you can visit Healing Baskets’ website at
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It’s in the Quiet Times…..

Tuesdays is my volunteer day.  I have been working at my local hospice for several months now.  Being someone who likes to ‘get things done’ and do as many things I can at the same time – I sometimes wonder if my time could be better spent.  I sit in our beautiful hospice facility from 9am – 12.00 and greet people visiting their loved ones who are in their last stages of life.  I share the front desk with big hearted ‘Hubert’.

It seems ‘slow’ compared to my fast moving life.  Four kids, running a company and being actively involved with my church and the school district.  No phones ringing, no packages arriving, no deadlines being missed…..  But I have to remind myself – sometimes it’s in the ‘quiet’ that you can make the greatest difference.  I may only greet 10 people during my volunteer time.  But that is touching 10 lives when they are absolutely at their most vulnerable.

I’ve been in their shoes, which is why I’m sitting at that desk.  And a simple smile, kind greeting, and escorting first time visitors to their loved ones room is probably good use of my time.  Sometimes I rearrange flowers.  Sometimes I handle the mail.  It’s like meditation.  I have to stop myself from thinking of the zillion things I could be doing.  I have to be happy in the here and now and remember always, it’s not quantity it’s quality.  Take a day to slooooooow down.  To hear, to see, to taste.  Because the best inner growth is really in the quiet times…..

To love and friendship,
Caroline Cheshire
Founder of Healing Baskets, Inc.